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October 2-6, 2019

The next pieRotary meeting, will take place in Fès-Fez-فاس

Program for International Exchange of Rotary Clubs.
We bring together leaders to exchange ideas and take action to help empower youth, enhance health, promote peace, and eradicate polio.

Preface pieRotary

Since being first established in 1905 in Chicago, Rotary has become a global service organization of 1.2 m professionals covering the free world with about 30,000 clubs. In a closer growing world community, we realize tensions and the apparent danger of a clash of cultures and opinions in many places. We respect and acknowledge that different countries and cultures may have different perceptions of local and international topics. As our members all over the world wish to share common values Rotary is well positioned to contribute to build bridges and to support a mutual understanding of different opinions. It is one of our strong beliefs that intercultural exchange programs help to overcome differences, protect freedom and preserve peace. Rotary Clubs signing this PIEROTARY-partnership charter wish to reduce intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings by recognizing each other’s views on international and local issues: Auditur et altera pars.


The first aim is to create a partnership between the Granada Rotray Club and the Rotary Club Konstanz-Rheintor, to improve the understanding of peace that surpasses all political, social economical and religious boundaries.

The pieROTARY gives the partners a deep impression of issues that are in the immediate interest of these cultures and countries.

The Granada Rotary Club and the Rotary Club Konstanz-Rheintor start to create an international rotarian network. Our wish is, that the RC of Fès, Madrid-Serrano and other Clubs of the Nations/District 9010 WILL JOIN THIS NETWORK

How to join; pieRotary it's an event between clubs, if you are interested, please discuss it in your club and contact us with your secretary or president of your club, sending us an e-mail to We would be glad if your could join.


The pieRotary program has two periods: The active period and the passive period. The active period, the partner clubs visit each other alternately once per year in their home towns. During the passive period, each club will elect an ambassador to maintain the exchange of opinions between the two clubs and foment individual visits of rotarian friends.

The visiting period is a "long weekend". The hosting club is responsible for the program. The program should give the visiting club a deeper understanding about the way of life, the culture, the city, and the country of the hosting club.

Format for the pieRotary
between Rotary Club Granada, Rotary Club Fez, Rotary Club Madrid International and Rotary Club Konstanz Rheintor 2017/2018

  • The visit is an extended weekend (two nights/Official Part, please feel free to stay longer). The first meeting was in Granada in Abril 2017. And this year 2018 on the 14th and 15th September. In the next few years this event will take place in the participating club's hometown (2019 in Fès). We hope that in the next pieRotary editions are joining clubs from other countries so that these meetings are increasingly international.
  • Costs (flight, hotel, extra costs) will be covered by everyone.
  • Costs for official meals (lunch, dinner) will be shared among the clubs.
  • The hosting Club will suggest different hotels with a special price agreement. In order to be more efficient, we recommend each person to take care of his own reservation.
  • Partners and children are very welcome.
  • No gala-event, just an evening-party.
  • Program of the pieRotary-weekend is within the responsibility of the hosting club. The program should give a comprehensive and deeper understanding about the way of life, the current culture-, social-, political- and economic situation of the hosting country.
  • In accordance with Rotarys values and principles, any further ideas/activities regarding projects, exchange programs or other issues are highly appreciated.
  • PIEROTARY could be extended to other Rotary organizations e.g. ROTARACT.
  • The commons languages are English and French.
  • All clubs will name a member (ambassador) who will be responsible for maintaining the activities and contacts between the clubs.


    October 2nd, Wednesday Welcome

    • Arrive at Fez. Transfers to the hotels.
    • At 19h30 Welcome cocktail offered by the Rotary Club of Fez. Location to be specified.

    October 3rd, Thursday

    • From 10 am to 3 pm visit of the medina of Fez. (Bouanania, Quaraouiyine and Lalla Yeddouna ...). Accompaniment by guides of great university education. Lunch in the medina. Return to the hotel around 15h, the visit will be in groups of twelve people maximum. The expenses of the guides and the entrances to the monuments will be the responsibility of the rotary club of Fez.
    • At 8 pm Home hospitality. Dinners in small groups of 6, offered by Rotarian friends from the club. Transfers from the hotel to Rotarians' homes will be provided by the hosts.

    October 4th, Friday
    Morning: Work at the hotel Sahrai:
    2 themes to choose from. The first on "Energy and Water". The second theme is yet to be defined.

    • Lunch: Couscous at our Past President Hamed hasnaoui
    • Afternoon - Visit of the Dar El Ouafae orphanage and presentation of the Bus action
    • Free evening

    October 5th, Saturday

    • 9h00 Excursions: Chose from the following : Moulay yacoub, volubilis, Ifrane and Azrou or for those who wish, a return to the Medina
    • 20h00 closing dinner. Exceptional participation of singer Sara Sae and her dancers

    October 6th, Sunday


pieRotary Concept info.

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Person : Prof. Dr. Frank Palm
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